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Who We Are

Our Story

Recovery Lighthouse began as a drop-in center where people could go seek recovery. With the support of their families and community, co-founders, Dr. Adriatik Likcani and Mr. Douglas Quirmbach modeled the drop-in center after a Mediterranean Coffee House where individuals could talk with peers and professionals about solutions to their problems in a safe and caring environment without an appointment. By offering training and professional development on best practices to our diverse staff of peer mentors and counselors, engaging community partners, and participating in advocacy for recovery, we continue to stay true to our mission to provide quality care to individuals and families in or seeking recovery from substance use disorders. Since 2006, Recovery Lighthouse Inc. has grown to include an array of recovery support services along with individual, couple and family therapy.


Help individuals and families find and sustain recovery from substance use disorders by providing quality services in a safe and supportive environment, collaborating with community partners, and engaging in advocacy. 


Be a leader in providing quality and compassionate services for individuals and families in their recovery journey. 

Dear Friend,

We believe that recovery is so much more than staying away from alcohol and other drugs. It's a journey towards living a happy, meaningful and successful life physically, psychologically and spiritually. We are here to listen to your story and share ours with you. We are not here to force you to change, but to help you along your journey to full recovery. We're with you every step of the way. 

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